A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to explain why God designed sex for married people only. In his post, he cited the case of a virgin whose only experience ever is with her husband.

Read below.

“A virgin does not know whether her husband sexually satisfied her on the wedding night.

She does not know if his pen!s is too small or too big as she has no experience and does not know what size is small or big.

She does not know if he finished too early or lasted long as she does not know the correct time to finish because she has not been with a man before.

She does not know if she’s satisfied or not because she has never experienced satisfaction and does not know it feels.

She has no expectations whatsoever therefore she cannot be disappointed.

She is not comparing her husband to anyone as there is no one to be compared with.

Whatever she gets that night is her ultimate experience, whatever happens after that night can only be higher or lower than that first experience.

If he lasts for 40 seconds, then 40 seconds is her standard, if he lasts for 3 minutes the next time, then she gets more than what she bargained for, it never gets disappointing.

Dear Kings and Queens, this is why God designed sex for married people alone.

Shun premarital s-x”.



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