A couple of days ago, a Nigerian gentleman took to Twitter to share how the absence of his spouse causes him to go into existential crisis and surprisingly, quite a number of other husbands could relate to his state.

Twitter user, @Chukwuemekazee took to his page to share how anytime his wife leaves the house, it feels as though his life has lost purpose. He wrote,

Anytime this woman leaves the house it’s just as if my life has lost purpose. Is this how the marriage thing is??

What followed his tweet is a thread of other gentlemen who could relate to his situation and they told stories of how they as well, can barely do without their wives and how their absence puts them in an uncomfortable state.

We curated a couple of beautiful stories of these married gentlemen… Enjoy them as you scroll,

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  1. Nothing kill joy like empty house without your wife, I hail those widower, that carry on after there wife like is nothing, my wife cannot die 1st before me ooh, at the right age we will both go, or I will go 1st to go and prepare things for her coming, when she is ready.

  2. This is so sweet .. I love this I’m married to a Nigerian. I’m the wife and I feel this way whenever my husband leaves the house. It feels empty and all joy has gone. It’s only when he returns I feel like myself again. But I love that husbanda feels this way I think it’s beautiful

  3. This is so beautiful! I am the wife and I feel the same way when my husband leaves my presence. I think this is so beautiful that these husband’s love to be in their wives presence

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