A Nigerian motivational speaker has taken to Facebook to reveal how a young lady lost a job even before she actually sat for the interview.

Abiodun Atobatele, a Nigerian motivational speaker has made an interesting revelation that has gotten many young people thinking about their lives.

According to him, a young lady who was asked to contact him for a job opening lost the job even without sitting for the interview because of the way she chatted him up on WhatsApp.

Abiodun revealed that the way the young lady used abbreviations while chatting with him completely disqualified her from getting the job.

Below is how he put it:

Since he made the revelation, many young persons following Abiodun on Facebook have advised themselves to be careful with how they abbreviate words when they chat with people on social media.

It is no longer news that too many young people like using abbreviations when they write things on social media and that practice is fast ruining their abilities to spell words correctly no matter how simple.



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