Robert And Prophet

Two Nigerian pastors have been allegedly detained and their leader blocked from entering Zimbabwe over failed prophesy. Zimbabwean News Day reports that, Chris Okafor who last year prophesied President Robert Mugabe’s death has been barred from entering the country,

Okafor, the leader of the Liberation City World Outreach Ministries, reportedly said in October last year that Zimbabwe would have a new president by March this year.

According to the report, seven members of Okafor’s church had arrived in Zimbabwe on Sunday to prepare for the pastor’s “grand” arrival at a conference convened by local cleric, Joseph Magorimbo.

The report said five of the Nigerians were deported instantly on arrival and the other two, who arrived on a different flight, were allowed into the country.

The two were later taken for questioning, as was Magorimbo. A source privy to the incident told News Day that Magorimbo and the two Nigerians were questioned for five hours, with Magorimbo accused of inviting Okafor.

A source said security agents claimed:

“Okafor prophesied something against the president. But they have not said what it is Okafor said”. The source was quoted as saying, “Okafor was supposed to arrive tomorrow (Wednesday), but he has since cancelled the trip”.

Magorimbo, the report said, was later released while the two Nigerians were bundled into a truck and taken to an unknown destination.
Magorimbo’s lawyer, Jonathan Samkange, confirmed that state security agents had quizzed his client and the two Nigerians.



  1. People in Nigeria i am a real Zimbabwean who is under the leadership of his excellience,the chief commander of the Zimbabwean army,first counciler of the university of Zimbabwe President Robert Gabrial Mugabe.i cant mention all his tittle he is a good man bt people in Zimbabwe are suffering because of him

  2. You are all going to talk and keep quiet. He is Mr President and God has a reason for every leader. Accept or don’t accept he is still President in the end we all die.

  3. Interms of politics he is a real man he is nt scared of the european and american leaders(SNAKE MASTERS) and our country is a peaceful nation we dont tolaraty gay marriages.everything is good in Zimbambwe bt our president has faild to run the ecomical sector en they is no employment fo the youths

  4. Given suntions he did his best. Zimbabwe is a peaceful nation. Are the European leaders not shy. We still have problems like any other nations who don’t have President. Mugabe as their ruler. Us Zimbabweans we trust God he has a reason for everything

  5. Whether long live as most of u comments here de truth naked remains dat he will die one day so pple should learn to accept de reality. With or without prophesies he will die.

  6. They did well to stop the insane ” so called man of god ” from entering the country. Maybe he went there supervise his evil prophecy to occur.

  7. My dear bro Festus Masubo yes he will die because he is human because he is born of a woman and his days are numbered no one knows death days only god knows


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