Nigerian singer Pepenazi, has opened up in a new interview on his career, lovers in his life and growing up.

He also revealed he has a huge crush on former Mavin singer Di’ja. He also talked on the new projects he is working on.

Excerpts from the interview below:

Why Did You Choose Music?

This might sound like a cliche but I guess music chose me. Music has always been a part of me from childhood. My dad was and still is a lover of music so I was exposed to a lot of music consciously and unconsciously when I was little. My dad used to listen to a lot of Ebenezer Obey, king Sunny Ade, Bob Marley and the likes. Music played nonstop on weekends while I did my house chores so I learnt to love it and it became a part of me. Also we had one of the biggest new school artistes of that time (junior & pretty) staying just a street away from my home. That further inspired me to choose music.

Were Your Parents In Support When You Decided To Pursue A Career In Music?

Things may have changed now but Nigerian parents back then wouldn’t readily support music because they thought it was just for show and that one couldn’t make a career and a living off of it so at first it was difficult but as time went on i got the full support of my parents and today the music we thank God the music is profitable.

Aside From Singing, What Is Pepenazi’s Other Talent?

Ahh!!! Pepenazi is multi-talented oo lol. Well asides music I do a lot of poetry/spoken word, I’m a great dancer when I choose to and when I play football you can’t get behind me when I’m in defence.

Tell Us About Your Background and Journey To Stardom.

I come from a very humble background. I like to think I grew up with the best family anyone can ask for. A stern but loving dad and a totally amazing mum who’d go out of her way to make sure her kids are happy and achieve their dreams. I’m from Ondo state, went to Mayflower secondary school ikenna and a graduate of Estate Management from Federal University of Technology Akure (Futa). My music journey has not been entirely smooth, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Facing a lot of challenges from funding, to booking studio sessions, finding it hard to work with the right producers and promoting my craft. Hard work, perseverance and tenacity is what has kept me going right from when I dropped my first single up until date. God has also positioned a lot of people to be of massive support to me on my way up like the likes of Do2dtun of Cool Fm, Olamide baddo and so many others I can’t even mention here of which I’m very grateful for.

What Would You Like To Change At This Point In Your Career?

Like great Economists say “The human want is insatiable” so people always tend to want more no matter how high or how far they reach. I’m not where I want to but I’m definitely not where I used to so I’m grateful and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m just focused on living my best life and affecting positively the lives of those around me and impacting lives positively with my music.

How Many Songs Do You Write In A Week?

Well there’s no way I can put a number to that. There are days I write more than 3 songs a day, other days I might hit a brick wall and just be blank. It really has to do with inspiration and how I’m feeling at the time. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to record a melody that comes to head. So I just write as it comes, no pressure.

Are Your Songs From Personal Experience or Your Imagination?

Some from experience, some from imagination. Just like literature not all stories are based on reality but it doesn’t deter the fact that they are great stories.

Are You Still In A Relationship With Your Girlfriend From The Days In FUTA?

Yes ooo lol. We’re still going strong. I’ve loved music from my FUTA days and we’re gonna be together forever.

Last Year, You disclosed That You Were Working On ‘One’ Relationship – When Are You Getting Married?

All things will fall in place when the time is right.

Tell Us Your Most Embarrassing Fan Moment.

I’ve had a lot of those moments but I think the one that comes to mind now is a show I went to at the University of Lagos (unilag). I was performing on stage and a fan took one leg of my shoe while I was still performing so I had to finish my performance with only one shoe on my feet. I gave him the other leg when I was done though, it’s all love lol.

Tell Us Your Celebrity Crush and Why

DI’JA. There’s something transparent about her personality apart from the music which is quite enticing. She’s super-real and her Afro-urban fashion statements sweeps me off.

Which Artistes Are You Looking Forward To Work With

Right now am quite eager to work with “FEMI-KUTI” afrobeat is world-music right now and it would be of great delight to have a feel of his spiritual added to my archives. I literally have most of the Nigerian top guns in my forthcoming album so would need to spread tentacles ‘would also love to do something with South African emerging female artist ‘Shekhinah’ she’s simply amazing. Sauti soul would be my last shot.

Your Best Song So Far?

All my songs are very special to me because they were practically the best expression of message I felt as at the time of recording & release. This is a spot on question but just because I have to chose one I would go with [ASE] FT TIWA SAVAGE which simply means [Amen] in English translation. Why? Cuz it’s a song that shares deep reflection of my beginning my struggle hard work and reward and at the end every man hustle needs a prayer but what’s most important is an “AMEN” to crown it all.

Why Is It Taking So Long To Release Your Debut Album

For everything I do, I make sure it’s organically coordinated and grown. An album is a collective effort of one’s content and talent which has to be well prepared ‘convincing enough to worth the mind and penny expended on it by fans and any passerby newly introduced to my sound. My album is 90% ready trust me And am sure when it drops it sure would be worth the wait.

What Are The Projects Pepenazi Is Currently Working On, And What Should The Fans Expect Before 2018 Ends

Just rounded up my “UK TOUR” and it was worth every day spent, just rounded an African project with “BBC WORLD SERVICE” that should be out in a bit. Am also looking forward to my debut album dropping September 2018. I just recently shot a video in London for my new coming up single that should be looked forward to.

Will You Vote Buhari In the 2019 Elections and Why?

I don’t think that’s a good decision for any Nigerian, neither am i a fan of the old generation set of rulers who are still in our faces & extremely power hungry. We need young minds productive /unbiased set of rulers who are ready to take the country forward “it’s a crazy world we living in right now that needs deliverance ” I look forward to everyone getting their Pvc’s so at least that gives you a voice.

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