A male Nigerian student nurse on placement in a mental institution abroad has landed in trouble after entering into a relationship with a female patient hospital.

This shocking revelation was made by one Temitope Olowu on Twitter, who disclosed that the impacted nursing student opted to establish an intimate relationship with the woman while he was doing a placement at the psychiatric facility.

They allegedly exchanged explicit pictures, and when their behavior was uncovered, the institution reportedly withdrew his enrollment and had him jailed on charges of abusing a patient who was struggling with mental health.

Temitope wrote;

“A Nigerian student nurse on placement in a mental health hospital decided to have a relationship with a patient…

Exchanging explicit photos with her. University has terminated his course. Police is involved. Safeguarding enquiry is underway

Na jazz and ment. She said she’s in love with him. She’s a vulnerable adult. He took advantage of her. It’s a crime.”

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