Nigerian transgender, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, widely known as Jay Boogie, has proudly showcased her surgically enhanced buttocks amidst allegations of scamming Nigerians in a donation plea following her recent butt lift surgery.

Previously, Jay Boogie, aged 25, had reached out to Nigerians for financial assistance due to complications arising from a botched buttock surgery.

She also mentioned kidney issues and requested funds to cover necessary medical procedures.

However, one of the individuals who had organized a GoFundMe campaign to support Jay’s treatment publicly stated that the donations would be refunded.

They cited Jay’s lack of transparency regarding the medical diagnosis and her dismissiveness when asked for a hospital report.

In response, Jay explained that she indeed had health concerns but apologized to anyone who felt deceived.

Jay Boogie, now in good health, revealed that the surgery cost her ₦5 million.

Additionally, she shared that she has identified with her feminine side since childhood, even recalling an incident from Primary 4 when she wore a bra to school.

Though surrounded by controversy, Jay Boogie confidently displays her enhanced buttocks in the video, showing her transformed appearance.

The ongoing saga has sparked discussions and buzz online among Nigerians, with many condemning those who donated and calling Jay boogie out.

Watch the video below:

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