A Nigerian woman residing in Benin City, Edo State, has shared her experience of how a suspected fraudster, impersonating a POS operator, swapped her ATM card and managed to withdraw all the funds from her bank account.

The incident, recounted in a video she recorded, serves as a reminder about the prevalence of scams targeting unsuspecting individuals.

According to the woman, she encountered the fraudster while attempting to withdraw money from an ATM that was not dispensing cash.

A young man claiming to be a POS operator approached her and offered his assistance.

Trustingly, she handed over her card to him, hoping to retrieve the cash she intended to withdraw.

The imposter inserted her card into his POS machine but quickly feigned a network issue, stating that he was unable to complete the transaction.

Returning what she believed to be her card, she left the scene. However, her intuition prompted her to visit a nearby ATM to change her PIN.

To her dismay, the machine repeatedly rejected her attempts, indicating an incorrect PIN. It was then that she realized the fraudster had swapped her card with a counterfeit one.

Regrettably, her suspicions were confirmed when she received a debit alert shortly afterward, indicating that the fraudster had successfully emptied her bank account.

As the story continues to spread online, it is as sparked buzz, in hopes that awareness will be raised, allowing others to stay alert and protect themselves from falling victim to similar fraud schemes.

Watch the video below:

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