A facebook user, Vivian Onuoha took to her account to share photos of the lice that was found in a woman’s hair.

woman shares

She advised ladies to not only focus on the external looks- wearing expensive clothes and weaves, but should also pay attention to their hair.

Some of the parasitic insects appeared to be still be alive, even after removing them from the hair.

See photos of the lice below;

woman shares pictures

woman shares photos

According to Mayoclinic, some of the common signs and symptoms of lice infestation are:

– Intense itching on the scalp, body or in the genital area.

– Tickling feeling from movement of hair.

– Lice on your scalp, body, clothing, or pubic or other body hair.

– Lice eggs (nits) on hair shafts

– Sores on the scalp, neck and shoulders.

– Bite marks especially around the waist, groin, upper thighs and pubic area.

Yabaleftonline suggest that you consult a doctor if you notice any of this signs.



  1. this is why majority won’t patronize local stylist; just imagine this lame post and the customer might definitely see this; i knw you don’t have brain but can’t you be wise not to post it in other to avoid endanger the customer’s reputation..

    fish head plenty for these stylist


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