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Nigerian Woman Shocked As She Was Fined €1200 For Downloading A Movie Online In Germany (WATCH)

A Nigerian woman recently experienced a major culture shock when she was slapped with a hefty fine of €1200 for downloading movies online in Germany.

The lady, who had migrated to the European country from Nigeria, was taken aback upon realizing that her actions were considered a crime.

In an effort to raise awareness and caution others who might be unaware of the consequences, she took to her TikTok page, @pricelessmunachimso, to share her story.

She recounted how she had used her husband’s phone to download some movies, only to receive an email shortly after, demanding payment for the fine.

Being a newcomer to the country, she had no prior knowledge of the German legal system and was caught off guard by the severe penalty.

Her TikTok video quickly went viral, drawing a mixed reaction from netizens who were both surprised and sympathetic to her plight.

As the video continues to circulate online, it as undeniably sparked discussions among netizens, and led to differing reactions.


Here are some reaction from viewers:

@DJ DanBukky reacted: “I did not even download any move they send me 1k to pay or i go to court because I entered the site”

@Tallosas2 reacted: “It takes alot of them time..creativities..and resources to make that movies !!!”

@riddim_aka_scratcher reacted: “not just downloading even streaming is against the law just be careful of what you stream”

@mark reacted: “It’s against the law because it’s stealing.


Watch the video below:

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