Founder of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, has gotten tongues wagging on social media after he stormed a crusade in Abuja in an exotic automobile.

Pastor Kumuyi arriving

The popular clergyman who was accompanied by his wife were received by church officials as they alighted from a platinum limousine.

Pastor Kumuyi arriving

The photos were shared on his official Facebook page and was captioned, “I just touched down at Abuja and there is excitement in the air.
I am also excited because God has promised to give His children, Divine Solution.”

Pastor Kumuyi arriving

This didn’t sit well with some Nigerians as they’ve regarded it as a departure from his modest lifestyle and teachings, however, others defended the clergman, saying the limousine doesn’t belong to him and was hired to give him a kingly welcome.

Netizens have now taken to social media to share their thoughts on Pastor Kumuyi’s choice of vehicle.

See reactions below,

See his post below,

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  1. I know a member that changed immediately he got rich. He even left the church and turned his back to God! Imagine a member that would consult a pastor in Redeem church to deceive his wife! The funny part is that the redeem pastor was also consulting a white garment prophet to deceive the man!!
    If you are a Christian have your personal relationship with God so no one will deceive you.

  2. Wailers are ignorant of spiritual things. The one who decides to use his wealth to welcome the man of God what he wants and doesn’t need their permission to do it . Likewise Pastor Kumuyi deserve the best and God did not complain He is against it but instead it will be a sin against him for standing against people’s blessings

  3. You see the man you all are pointing fingers too? He has nothing in this world with his name,apart his children and wife and cloths.He never preached against using television,nor using good things,he always preach that those things shouldn’t come in between you,your God and heaven that you are pursuing.
    Even the Bible states it “it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven”.
    If you need to know,most times before he goes to a state,the church there deliberates on whose car they will take him in.You not expecting them to pick him their father and spiritual leader in a common Camry car are you?.
    Don’t judge others by what you don’t know.

  4. I didn’t see anything bad in it ok u people should stop saying rubbish against him he didn’t say he used his money to buy. ND people throwing away there TV set i am a member of the church kumuyi never asked any member to throw away there TV set ok. So make una mind una business. Aporoko them

  5. This is absolutely wrong my people. I wish we all will try to change our perception on men of God and church. Having going through all our comments concerning our father using Limousine to attend a Crusade, categorically it is a complete assertion on the personality of our father Pastor Kumuyi and a defamation of Character.
    Coming up on social media to say crosses our minds sometimes is always very wrong when what we say against our fellows isn’t in Conjunction with the happening. Am not advocating nor contending with anyone here but trying to draw our attention to this piece of advise. Hopefully, many of that made these comments are Christians and I wonder while we can’t practice the right thing that we learn from the Bible and stop practicing what we copy from those we follow.
    God will help us especially in Nigeria.

  6. Well in all let glorify God
    All these are the blessings that our heavenly Father made for us.
    If you have the money do whAt is good
    And move on
    Just make sure that You are following the will of God.

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