A tweet was sent in by the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Twitter account and its content has left Nigerians including celebrities, awed with the ruthlessness of it.

The tweet, which apparently is a prayer point was directed at the enemies of anyone who is to use the prayer point – cursing them to not see the new year if they were going to be an obstacle to one’s blessing.

There’s been an outcry over this and even celebrities are wondering why so called Christians should be as ruthless as this even when Christ, their example, specifically stated that they pray for their enemies.

See reactions below:

and of course, Daddy Freeze reacted: “I bow o! We are gradually departing the era of ‘grace’ and returning to the era of curses! ~FRZ”



  1. This is heart of wickedness if someone is wishing his enemy to die God is a gracious God if he is rewarding each and everyone of us i think by now no one will remain on earth if not for the grace of God praying such prayer God won’t listen to it bcus member themself are also wicked in one way or the other God knows the way to make a way where there seems to be no way u can’t teach God what to do if someone is blocking ur way God knows the right thing to do that’s why he is called God


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