Instagram celebrity, Ismaila Mustapha a.k.a Mompha, today filed a fundamental rights enforcement suit against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, alleging unlawful detention and a violation of his rights.

Recall Mompha was arrested by the antigraft agency on October 18th in Abuja on allegation of cybercrime and money laundering.

After news of Mompha’s lawsuit against the EFCC went viral, Nigerians took to social media to drop some hilarious reactions..

See below ;

Volqx wrote ;

Mompha suing EFCC has got to be one hilarious news , I’m not shocked anyway it’s Nigeria , a country that answers only to money .

Cross wrote ;

Mompha is suing the EFCC after being released ??

Naij na circus mehn.

Roys wrote ;

Y’all remember that my thread on Mompha’s arrest where i said Mompha intentionally gave himself up to EFCC in Nigeria after running away from Interpol in Dubai?

Looks like i was right.

Now he is suing EFCC for damages.

Raymond Reddington sef no do pass like this.

Dreylo wrote ;

If Mompha wins this case his first IG post should be

“ Ati Lo Ati De “

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