A hilarious thread on Twitter has left netizens laughing hard as it features responses Nigerians gave on how they discovered they won’t be getting jobs over how the job interview went.

A Twitter user had taken to the platform to ask tweeps to reveal how they knew they weren’t going to get a job they applied for after going for the job interview.

The response most of them gave are rather hilarious and tweeps are having a field day reading them.

Read some of the response we culled as you scroll,

In other news, the video of a content creator who is a prankster, identified as King_mitchy on Instagram, has left netizens in stitches over the subject of her prank.

The quite curvy lady who not only shares prank videos on her page, but also videos of her helping random needy people, is seen in this prank video approaching a middle-aged man who was with another lady, and asking him for his number.

She walks up to him and tells him he’s a fine man and would love to have his number. The man’s first instinct was that she was shooting a prank video and after she put his mind at ease that she wasn’t shooting a video, he then asked the lady he was with to oblige the prankster’s request.

He’s seen telling the other lady to give the prankster his number but the lady refused and insisted she gives out her own number to the prankster instead. The prankster then insists on wanting the man’s number, saying she only wants to get to know him and be friends. Continue reading and watch the video here

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