Instagram media personality, Tunde Ednut recently threw in a question that will go on to interest and engage Instagram Users, he asked about the worst sex experience one has encountered. ‘What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while having sex”.

As expected, the answers to a question like that were really funny and most sad, to say the least.

Warning Reader’s discretion is advised… lol

haykayboyish wrote; “Please Mr Tunde can you Delete this your qus cos people we turn this place to something else o, they fit commot their cloth and start having sex here now.”

  • crystals_facelift wrote ; my first sex … I tried to give him a Bj but I almost bit his dick off… so embarrassing

halfamaka wrote, He forgot chewing gum in my pu33y…….

Some other experiences:

1. Her false eye popped out and I felt it on my balls.

“Met girl at rave. Went to cemetery. Getting beej, she deep throated, her false eye I was unaware of came out.

Felt it on my balls.


2. There was a swamp-green streak in her panties that smelled like a fish’s asshole.

“Was back in high school. Things were getting hot and heavy until I tried taking her pants off. There was a swamp-green streak in her panties that smelled like a fish’s asshole. We didn’t even get to the sex part and I still consider it the worst sex I’ve ever had. It still haunts me to this day.”

3. My balls got tickled by her fart.

“With my now ex-wife. Standard sexy-time up to a point (kissing, boob play, a little oral), then I go to put it in. She farts. I felt it tickle my balls.

It tickled my balls, man. You can’t keep going after that. I’m a nurse and not much grosses me out but…My balls got tickled by her fart.”

4. I lay there….unspent and sad.

“Does masturbation count? I’m going to tell it anyways.

I was having a dry period of about a month. I woke up after a really vivid wet dream and tried to rub it out.

I proceeded to slip in and out of consciousness for a good ten minutes, rubbing it until it is hard, falling half asleep for a minute, waking up again, rubbing it again. After those ten minutes, I just gave up. I lay there….unspent and sad.”

5. I was gagging the entire time.

“Was quite drunk and in a miserable period in my life where I’d fuck just about anything. Hooked up with a neighbor’s friend. She had dreads. I was gagging the entire time. Barely managed to finish. Showered for what felt like an eternity after.”

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