President Muhammadu Buhari has assured Nigerians that he was aware of the scarcity of cash and was working on eradicating it.

In a post shared on his official Twitter account on February 3, President Buhari informed Nigerians that he met with some governors to look into the problem and promised significant improvements between now and February 10.

He wrote;

“I am aware of the cash shortages and hardship being faced by people and businesses, on account of the Naira redesign. I want to assure that we are doing everything to resolve these issues. Nigerians should expect significant improvements between now and the February 10 deadline.
I met with a delegation of Governors today, on the matter. All the complaints about the execution of the currency change are being seriously looked into. I will ensure that everything is resolved in a lasting manner, and we will all enjoy the long-term benefits of the decision.”

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