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An immigration consultant has recounted how his smartwatch that couldn’t be repaired in Toronto, Canada, was fixed in Computer Village, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tunde Fash, who lives in Canada, disclosed that his smartwatch was written off by the Apple office in Toronto, and they were also unable to replace it because the warranty period had expired.

 Man says

According to him, he reached out to a technician in Computer Village, Lagos, for repair and shockingly, the device started working again.

Bamboozled by the prowess of the technician, Tunde averred that Nigerians are very talented.

He wrote,

“My first apple watch got bad and Apple couldn’t repair it in Toronto. It passed the warranty period so they couldn’t replace it either.

Sent it to Computer Village in Lagos.

Guess what? It’s working now.

I have known my guy Dimeji who fixed it for over 8 years now. He has worked and fixed a number of phones for me and when I told him about the watch, he said “no worry. I go fit run am.”

Never doubted him.

Nigerians are talented!”

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