Beautiful Singer, Niyola shared the above barefaced “No makeup” photo of herself on her instagram page earlier and a fan left a comment on the post. The fan told Niyola to be more flashy because she’s a star and stop being all natural all the time..

The fan said:

I am ur fan I love you but this whole idea of u looking natural most of the time is not a thing for stars ok I know u enjoy being natural but you are in the music business you are meant to stay fly almost all the time with your fans so please I’ll say be fly almost every time you are a star u have to behave the ways starts do because you are in that business.

Else u want to be something else your likes are low and since your are on Instagram it’s mostly pictures, set out your best for your fans you are not regular girl so don’t act like a regular girl on Instagram u are a star.

I ?? ya but u gotta change ur insta game.

Niyola Replied:

here’s what the issue is , you think you need to wear a while armour of clothes , make up , what have you to be fly . Maybe that’s you , but honey I am first human , then a woman before anything else and if I can’t be human then I don’t know what the world has come to. If I can post pictures when I am “fly” I can post pictures when I am not “so fly” after all it’s still me in the picture .Sorry if my being humane disappoints you so much ,but this is me sharing my life with you …I am not asking to be told how to live it . Good looking out though ??

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