Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola has preached against retaliation, proclaiming that no one deserves to fall from grace to grass.

The actress shared a message on her Instagram page about how seeking revenge equates to wanting to see the lives of others go bad.

She stated that no one should have to go from grace to grass and referred to such a mindset as toxic.

She added her hope that those who are at the top will always stay there and that everyone who is struggling will find stability.

She wrote;

“Revenge” to alot is seeing things get worse for others.. That is too much toxicity .. No one deserves moving from Grace to Grass.. To everyone struggling ,may you find stability and to everyone up ,you will never go down🙏🙏🙏🙏Setlife#”

In other news, Nigerian comedian Freedom Okpetoritse Atsepoyi, popularly known as Mr Jollof, has shared his surprising encounter with the management of popular Nigerian singer Burna Boy.

Jollof revealed that he and some investors reached out to Burna Boy’s team to discuss the possibility of him performing at a concert in Delta state, offering $1 million as performance fees.

However, they received a rude shock when his team rejected the money because it was below the singer’s standard rate.

Following the experience, Jollof asserted that Burna Boy has reached great heights in his career and has transcended the Nigerian industry.

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