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“Nobody wants it, everyone has a car here” – Nigerian Lady in Australia Says As She Discards Her Old Car As Scrap (VIDEO)

A Nigerian woman residing in Australia has shared her experience of disposing of her old car as scrap after being unable to find anyone willing to accept it.

The lady, known as @Omodele, revealed in a TikTok video that despite the vehicle being in excellent condition, no one showed interest in taking it off her hands.

In the viral video, she expressed her frustration, mentioning that if she had been closer to Nigeria, she would have gladly donated the car to someone in need.

However, living in Australia presented a different situation, as it seemed that everyone already had their own cars.

She emphasized that she had recently acquired a new vehicle and couldn’t possibly drive both, leading her to make the decision to get rid of the old car.

Regrettably, she resorted to scrapping it, receiving a meager sum of 200 Australian dollars, equivalent to approximately N186,000.

The video quickly gained traction online, drawing reactions from netizens who expressed their surprise and shared their thoughts on the matter.

In no time, the comment section was flooded with differing opinions.

As the video continues to circulate, it as sparked discussions among netizens and viewers alike about finding ways to repurpose or donate items rather than resorting to waste.

Watch the video below:

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