A Nigerian man from the Northern region who reportedly fired his plumber just for being yoruba, took to Twitter to advocate for less association between Northerners and Southerners.

He said that Southerners hate Northerners and don’t even hide it. He also said that Southerners also envy the privileges Northerners enjoy.

His tweet reads;

Those of you Arewa Twitter overloads retweeting tweets from these southern people, I hope you know you’re making them more popular? These people hate you, hate your way of living and envy your privileges. They don’t even hide their hatreds towards you.

Why must you associate yourselves with them? Unfollow them, draw a barrier between you and them. Our plumber is a Yoruba guy but i told him today that he won’t ever work for us. Yes it’s that personal. They’re loyal to you only when they’re benefiting from you.

Seeing the backlash his tweets caused, he deleted the tweets and revealed that he just wrote that to spite people ;

Mission accomplished. I made lot of you angry. I’d take the tweet down. This is to make you feel how we feel when you’re unfairly judged. We didn’t sack any plumber. All my tailors, except 1, are from the south in workshop. We aren’t tribalistic but you’re pushing us to the wall.



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