Woman brags

Residents of Satellite Town, Lagos state, have confronted a woman for allegedly maltreating her 17-year-old househelp.

A Twitter user with handle @judy_nwa disclosed that they became concerned about the minor when they saw a huge sore in her hand when she came to fetch water in their house. They also saw scars on her back.

 Woman brags

Out of anger, she and other residents of the community stormed the woman’s house to accost her for allegedly treating the maid like a slave.

However, the woman remained indignant and claimed she didn’t mistreat the minor, adding that she’s confident that nothing would happen if she’s reported to the police.

 Woman brags

The tweep shared a video showing when the woman, whose name was given as Aisha, was confronted by the neighbours and condemned her for abusing the minor.

@judy_nwa wrote,

“Anger does not even qualify nor quantify what I am feeling right now. This little girl comes to my compound to fetch water. My sister and my neighbors (a husband and wife) saw this girls hand looking like this.”

Apparently, the woman she is living with mistreats her. Her body is covered in bruises. My sister and my neighbors confronted her and she said that “even if she is reported to human rights that nothing will be done to her!” This is just evil!”

Taking someone else’s child and treating them this way. Please retweet and share as much as you can to get help for this little girl! She deserves better! Her addresses is no 36 or 37 Ganiu street, new site, satellite town Lagos.

The little girl sleeps on the corridor when there is a two bedroom apartment in the compound.

The girl has been fed toilet water according to the neighbors.”

Watch the video below,

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