nun caught

A 78-year-old nun is said to have been caught shoplifting $23 worth of coffee, snacks and toiletries from a central Pennsylvania store.

Police say Sister Agnes Pennino was seen taking the items from the Surplus Outlet near Berwick on Monday afternoon. WNEP-TV reports police determined the woman captured on surveillance video was the nun who lived about 20 miles away at St.Cyril’s convent in Danville.

Manger Zane Kishbach said a customer alerted him that someone might be stealing from the store.

‘Another customer came to me in aisle 5 and said, ‘I’m not sure what I’m seeing, but I think a woman is stealing,’ and she had already left the store by that time and I went out to pursue her,’ Kishbach said.

An employee of Surplus Outlet was able to copy the license plate number from her car.

Kishbach says that the stealing was ‘planned‘ and claims that Pennino brought her own red shopping bags that resemble the store’s bags to put the stolen items in.He added that she exited through the front door so as not to be seen by cashiers.

nun caught1

Shoplifting is a summary offense, akin to a traffic ticket, meaning the nun will likely pay a fine if she’s convicted.

Store manager Zane Kishbach says he ‘couldn’t believe it that a nun would actually do something like that.’

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