A nursing mother was reportedly beaten to death after she was wrongly accused of stealing N2500 in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State.

According to a Twitter user who shared the heartbreaking story on the platform, the woman was at the market to shop for her baby’s child dedication which was scheduled to hold on Sunday.

She was at a stall to buy garri when the trader suddenly raised alarm that her 2,500 Naira was missing and accused the lady of stealing it.

Touts around the area gathered and reportedly beat the nursing mum to death in jungle justice despite plea from onlookers to hand her over to the police.

Read the full story below,

“Last week Saturday started like a normal day for a family in Uyo whose new baby was supposed to go to church on Sunday. The man is an officer.

The lady went to Urua Kpokpo a local market in the area situated close to the flyover recently commissioned by Obasanjo to do her last shopping for the event. She stopped by her regular customer who is a garri seller for patronage.

After some negotiation, the petty trader raised alarm that her 2,500 Naira ($5)was missing and accused the lady of stealing it. certainly was not in the woman’s possession.

She pleaded once again and even told her as her customer even if she was out of funds, it wouldn’t be out of place to borrow money from her to complete her shopping and return to her on getting home. She insisted and raised alarm till the touts around that area came over and aggravated the issue.

Despite plea by concerned citizens to turn her in to the police or constituted market authority, they refused.

They assaulted her mercilessly till she fainted in the pool of her blood. And then the gruesome part, One of the touts drove a big object into her v*gina and suddenly the woman who accused her was heard running to the scene shouting ‘she is innocent I have seen my N2,500, it was stuck between my garri bag’

A kind-hearted tricycle rider rushed the lady to the nearest hospital but she had lost too much blood. She died. The garri seller is nowhere to be found since that day she closed her stall and escaped”.

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