Nursing mother causes

A nursing mother has caused quite a stir on social media after videos of her breastfeeding her child in public went viral.

The woman, who seems to be advocating for breastfeeding to be normalized in public places, films herself breastfeeding her child while shopping at grocery stores, restaurants, park, and other places, and shares them on TikTok with the hashtag, “#Normalizebreastfeeding”.

Nursing mother causes

The woman’s action have sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some criticizing her for using her child to chase clout online, while others defended her, saying there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public but it should be done discretely.

See some reactions below,

An Instagram user @lagosmealprepsociety wrote, “This isn’t really about the baby being hungry, mama is simply an exhibitionist; you can tell from the way she’s dressed. If it was about a hungry baby, she could have sat comfortably in some corner of the store and nursed discreetly, but instead she’s gallivanting around the whole store. 😏”

@itisbeebee wrote, “It’s called private part for a reason, a woman that can’t sense what’s right and wrong I wonder how she would train up that little boy”

@unique9609 wrote, “That baby can choke on that milk 😢 God 4bid Omo content over safety of your child this generation and internet 😢😢”

@kweency1 wrote, “This is total rubbish,this is even very wrong feeding a baby and walking… Nawa for this generation mother’s ooo”

Watch the videos below,

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