Popular Nigerian OAP and rapper, N6 has taken to social media to utter offensive words in anger against an “unknown individual” who asked the management of his company to issue him a sack letter.


The extremely angry entertainer via his Insta-story, disclosed that the individual used a fake email to message his management to sack him…. then, he wished the individual an early death.

He wrote:

You are just giving yourself high blood pressure and unhappiness for nothing. God has not even started with me and you dey vex. Thunder fire you!

Then to you who used a fake email to mail my management asking for a sack. I wish you early death, you will bury all your loved ones.Nothing good will happen in your destiny. In jesus name.

Its so sad, when a person has done a stupid and criminal action, they then justify it with lies and wild insinuations pulled out from their ass.

Nigerians and money sha



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