Nigerian OAP, Chief Suo has cried out following the recent attack she received from a Benz owner and his family after they rammed into her car from behind.

Sharing the details of the event, via her page on the microblogging platform X she included pictures and videos of the incident.

She disclosed that a car that had broken down was been removed by the LCC causing other cars behind to slow down, including her.

However, the Benz owner behind her did not and rammed into her instead. Rather than tendering an apology to her, he and his family alighted from the vehicle and assaulted her badly.

She also added that the man’s wife was pregnant but that didn’t stop her from joining in the assault, as she went on to rip her clothes.

It was the area boys who were within the area of the incident and a military man who came to her rescue and stopped the family from assaulting her further.

Just before their arrival, she had sustained several injuries on her body including her head, leaving her car covered in her own blood.

The OAP who hopes to get justice revealed that the case has been adjourned to the 11th of March and ever since the incident she has been experiencing dizziness and nausea.

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