Toolz reacts

Media personality, Tolu Oniru better known as Toolz, has reacted to an old tweet of a man who criticized married woman for ordering cooked food from vendors.

Toolz reacts

Although the tweet was posted in 2020, it has garnered interesting responses from women after it was re-shared online by Toolz.

The man had taken to the popular microblogging platform, Twitter, to express disdain at married women who order soups and stews from vendors, instead of cooking the meals themselves.

“There’s a growing trend amongst Nigerian women these days…..they order Stews, Soups and Jollof they eat at home from vendors. And I mean married women,” he tweeted.

Reacting, Toolz made a sarcastic comment and jokingly predicted that women will soon start hiring people to do their laundry as well, instead of hand washing their clothes.

She tweeted, “OMG Uncle Bayo is this true? I kian’t believe it! What has the world come to?? Soon married women will get people to do their laundry…and not hand-wash the whole household’s clothes every Saturday!! Horror!”

This has stirred hilarious reactions from celebrities online.

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