An American man opens up about his marriage to a Nigerian woman in a trending challenge. He shared his experience on what it feels like to be married to a Nigerian.

Sharing on their TikTok page @mercyblack12, the American man shared various ways his marriage to a Nigerian woman changed his lifestyle. In the viral clip, he has to wear his wedding ring because he is married to a Nigerian woman.

The American man mentioned with an example that he has to learn how to speak Pidgin English. He said a day doesn’t pass without him shouting “Babe”. She always call him big head.

He explained that he can’t step out of the house without showering and brushing his teeth repeatedly. He stated his wife insults him in Pidgin and she calls him “Oga” and he recognize her as “Madam”.

In the trending video, he revealed a bathing sponge, stating that he has to shower with a “fufu fluffy thing”. He said if he doesn’t use it in the shower, she will shower him with it.

He doesn’t eat his regular food anymore but now eat his wife’s local meal “Fufu and Egusi”. She always make him nice outfit to wear.

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