A viral video has captured a mother confronting a man who came to her house to see her teenage daughter.

The man had paid a visit to the girl’s home; unknown to him, the mother was around, and she was the one who opened the door when he rang.

On seeing that the grown man was the one who had been wooing her teenage daughter, she lashed out at him and accused him of trying to exploit her 18-year-old.

She said that she had seen the texts he had been sending to her daughter and queried why he wanted an amorous relationship with her teenage girl despite their age difference.

The enraged mother, while hurling insults at the man, also threatened to take the case to the police, claiming to have all of his photos and proof enough to bring charges against him.

The man, however, denied her accusations, insisting that she was mistaken about who she was accusing.

Embarrassed, the man hastily turned around to leave the area, but as he walked to his car, the mother followed him and continued to humiliate him.

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian man has sent his heavily pregnant wife packing from their matrimonial home after she caught him with another woman.

A video making rounds online shows the moment the man lambasted his wife in the presence of his side chic and their neighbours despite her condition.

In the video, the pregnant wife, who was weeping profusely, said she returned home to pick up an item she forgot, only to meet her husband with another woman. Continue reading here.

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