A Kenyan Maid, 19 was arrested earlier this month for allegedly using her Urine to cook for her employers and the whole family.

She was reportedly caught in the act when her bosses installed a CCTV in the house, following suspicions that she was maltreating their kids.

Upon reviewing the CCTV footage, they saw her urinating in a pot of soup she was preparing for the family.

Modern Kenya Corps reports that the family who is based in Mombasa, immediately reported the incident to the police, and she was arrested.

When asked why she committed the terrible act, she said she wanted revenge, as her bosses constantly maltreated her.

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  1. Lolzz…who’s urine z dat?,her’s or boss nd his family own?first step,den 2nd step,wat was her ambition of doing such attrocity nd dat will led us to 3rd step.

  2. M2 hawezi kutendea unyama ka ww humtendei unyama pia,so mi sijui chanzo chanye mwana dada huyo kufanya kisa ka hiko ni nny kilisababisha.. Yote 2mwachie mola binadamu sai sio bin adam

  3. How true is dz?… Is it urine that she z holding? If yes,So she do store d urine in the Cabinet .. The content says; she was saw urinating in d pot of soup meant for the family thru CCTV, bt hea she is, holding a content in a rubber bottle. Why nt d picture of d claim content?. This is fallacy of hasten generalization..

  4. Not that the so called house managers are gud bt na ubaya wao wote unajua hata stress inaongeza coz in a day the work that they must do hata wewe boss huwezi mukiweka chakula mezani yeye yuko kitchen she cant share same table with u nxt tym it will b poison so fud akikisha mnakule wote psmoja bt the gal is insane apelekwe check up.

  5. If people treat others like aliens whenever they get a chance you pay for it, in this case which doesn’t make sense anyway looks like the girl was not allowed to eat this loyal family food, count yourself lucky she didn’t poison you, next house help you hire share food with them

  6. Well it always depend on how you live in the house.
    one maid after been mistreated, infected her boss’s kids with HIV virus through injection.
    But I still condemn this act.
    There is always a better way of taking revenge. (Forgiving and letting God to take care of everything). Because when you do act like this one, you are no less evil than them.
    Let God help everyone for we do not know who we live with.

  7. I hav witnessed our bosses the way they tread maids , they even beat them, now when one is helpless, he can do anything just to get back, how do u expect her to cook good foot put it on the table for u, then she go to bed hungry? Or one spoon of left overs? If she was eating the same food she would not hav done that. Why do u want gold when u can’t give even asilver? To hell with women bosses who can’t even cook simple tea for the familly because they hav maidmachine

  8. There is no justification at all in what this young and beutiful girl did. She should know that what goes round comes round. You do not have to revenge because it will come back to you. Instead move out. Look at this scenario where a house help mistreated the kid, thinking that she was punishing the employer. She got a good and well up husband but God did not bless her with her own child and eventually though doing well, she got a divorce and attempted suicide and now lives a very miserable life. Be smart to move on if mistreated and forgive your employer because you do not have to stick there. Let employers be punished by God for surely it will come around.

  9. Wickedness of the highest level…vengence to God almighty alone, dont take action into your own hands because its punishable with dire concequences.

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