Popular video director, TG Omori, has reacted after he was called out by controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, for charging $50,000 for a music video. 

Recall that Portable recently called out the popular music video director and cinematographer on social media for charging him a “ridiculous” fee for a video shoot.

The drama started when Portable reached out to Omori to shoot the visuals for one of his hit tracks, and he charged him $50,000 to get the work done.

However, Portable opined that Omori’s demand of $50,000 for the job was ridiculous and inquired as to whether he was going to film the video for a “ritualist.”

Portable went on to remind him that he was the same person who shot the visuals for his hit song “Zazu Zeh,” and he definitely didn’t pay up to $50,000.

Sharing screenshots of their chat on Instagram, Portable told Omori that he has many people who would be happy to do the job for him at an affordable price, but he wanted to give TG Omori a try.

Reacting to the call out, Omori in a now-deleted tweet informed Portable that ‘Zazu’ video was shot for free.

“Somebody tell Portable Zazoo was a free video, did it without ever mentioning a word. Bruh has a video and never knew how it came about but his calling me out for a discounted price.” He wrote.

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