Self-acclaimed relationship expert, Okoro Blessing, also known as Blessing CEO, stated that just because prominent car dealer, IK Ogbonna a.k.a IVD tattooed her name doesn’t mean they’re dating.

She made this statement in a recent interview with Punch Saturday Beats to dispel rumors about her relationship with the car salesman.

According to her, his tattooing of her name doesn’t mean then they’re lovers. She further mentioned that IVD had tattoos of his wife and children on his body.

She said;

“One can tattoo anybody’s name on one’s hand. I have Denrele’s name on my hand; does it mean I am dating him? I have more than five people’s names on my hand, and we are not related. IVD also has his (late) wife’s name, her face and names of all his children tattooed on his body. I did not know IVD as of the time the matter was trending. I defended him innocently. If I had something to do with him, I would not even say a word.”

She also addressed critical statements made about how she dresses;

“I dress very classy. Many are just looking for something to talk about. You can say my outfits are a bit controversial, but I wear clothes depending on where I am going. You do not expect me to wear a suit to the beach, or call me tacky when I wear a bikini.”

Blessing also discussed her current issues with the Nigerian Police. According to her late late bimbo’s sister who had accused her of contributing to her younger sister’s death was chasing clout.

“I was ambushed and taken to court. The woman who made a complaint against me accused me of contributing to the death of her younger sister, but that is not true. I never knew or met them before. I talked about the case like every other topic on social media. I don’t know why she picked on me. She was just looking for clout, but I did not give her that attention,” she said.

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