Dolapo Badmus shades

Nigeria’s Top Female Police officer, Dolapo Badmus has once again fired shots the way of embattled Singer Naira Marley.

The former Police PRO took to her social media to write ; ELEVEN!!! One down, more to go and due to the current situation involving Naira Marley and the Economic Financial Crimes Commission, people assumed she was talking about him.

Singer Naira Marley

See the exchange below ;

Dolapo Badmus did not hide her disdain for the comments made by the singer when he justified the criminal act of Internet Fraudsters.

Here’s Dolapo’s view and what she wishes yahoo boys and their supporters below:

Any one that supports Yahoo (Internet fraud) business needs to take his or her brain for check up and cleansing! How on earth will a sane person support daylight criminality. We can never degenerate as a nation! If we continue like this then one day we will wake up to see some people supporting robbery and terrorism! How I wish we can have a law that makes anyone openly canvassing for them as guilty as the fraudsters.

These fraudsters have demonized Nigeria and Nigerians! Our young entrepreneurs have lost business deals due to the activities of these Yahoo boys, our younger ones can’t even get Visas to visit countries offering them business opportunities. Yet we are here with some people defending and justifying this illegality!? We can’t afford to destroy this nation by our actions or inactions, that’s not what our forefathers envisioned.

I know some Yahoo Yahoo members and their family will catch fire ? with these post?but where is kanmi in the death of mama Adele?!?‍♀️ as if I care?! May All Yahoo boys disturbing the progress of our hardworking youths be caught and rot in jail? and May all supporting them fall victim of their activities!


  1. dolapo badmus, you know the real thief go and arrest them, you know the real fraudster, am not sorry because you are all bird of the same feathers

  2. is Yahoo Yahoo the problem of Nigeria now? stop shying away from the truth useless EFCC since 2015 how many cases have you successfully won against politicians, we are the leaders of tomorrow yet a 76 old man is still in an official sit what do you expect, live the boy’s let them hustle out of poverty or will you help them if you see them suffering tomorrow.. useless EFCC go and investigate Sen.Dino Mileye who owns car’s worth over 950million in his garage.

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