The viral video of a Ghanaian lady dressed in animal costume for a fashion event has shocked many netizens online because of the lack of mobility.

In the trending video, the lady was dressed in an animal skin print – wearing a jumpsuit and the body parts of an animal attached to her waist. The hind leg of the attached animal part had no mobility, thus, affecting the lady walking posture.

She was recorded walking sluggishly on the red carpet as she was unable to walk freely in her costume.

Revealing in the video, the event happens to be graduation party for fashion graduands to showcase their fashion skills to the audience.

The video clip shows the lady feeling excited with her costume whilst the audience was amazed with the costumes as they continue to cheer and record the lady as she showcase her outfit.

The video has caused traction on social media, causing majority to question her choice of design and identifying the costume as a fashion blunder.

See reactions below,

@successfully02 They should have added some level of mobility to the back legs, this is not fashion but madness

@UserMk Upon all designs..this is what you cld 

@Og_papilo Neither This one just wan find public attention

@little_greens The award goes to the red carpet👏🏽🔥 for not lifting when the hind legs came through

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