A Nigerian man, Obioma Ozulu, has opined that a man who allows his wife to decide the venue of their wedding is not a real man.

Zulu stated this in a Facebook post on Sunday in response to a question about who chooses a couple’s wedding venue.

According to him, real men decide the venue for their weddings, while a “woman-wrapper” will allow his wife to make that decision.

He further stated that if a woman is allowed to decide the venue of the wedding, she will be the decision-maker in the marriage.

“Real men decides the venue of their wedding. Woman rappa will allow his wife to decide. Note: If a woman decides the venue of the wedding, she will be the decision maker in that marriage. Men don’t allow what you cannot follow till the end.” He wrote.

In other news, a Nigerian teacher has taken to Facebook to share how he was mocked by his friend because he cooked for his girlfriend.

The man identified as Peter Thomas said his friend called him a slave because he prepared a meal for his woman and he was wondering if he had done anything wrong.

“My girlfriend visited me and I cooked for her. My friend mocked me that I am a slave to her. Is it true?” he asked in a Facebook group.

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