Singer Timaya's daughter reveals

Grace Inetimi, one of the daughters of renowned Nigerian singer, Timaya, has revealed that can only travel in first-class.

She stated this during a recent chat with her mother and other girls in their home, while they were all sharing their travel preferences.

According to Grace who is below the age of 10, she can never fly in economy or business sections of an airplance because they are a no-go area for her. She added that she only feels comfortable flying in first class.

Singer Timaya's daughter reveals

A video of the 42-year-old singer’s daughter boldly declaring her preferred flight option has gone viral online, sparking mixed reactions from online users.

An IG user wrote, “Their father can afford it so why worry.. my prayer is for @timayatimaya to stay alive and give them the best of life.. ❤️”

@lovelylovebae wrote, “At their age, I didn’t even know wetin be flight let alone the categories 😂”

@hayorsamuel wrote, “May we be able to give our kids the kinda luxury and lifestyle we didn’t enjoy…Amen 🙏🏽”

@iambuike wrote, “Aww rich kids , I can’t relate , them born me with plastic spoon”

@iam__zeus wrote, “Such a wrong way to train up children if you ask me. You Train them to understand the reality of life that at one point it’s not always rosy”

Watch the conversation below,

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