So obviously, you guys (our beloved readers), have in a way created a forum for yourselves in the comment section with most you always eager to see the reply someone is going to give to your comment, whether you will counter them or approve them…

It’s all fun till things get messy and y’all are on each other’s throats, which is why we wanna use this medium to kindly ask that your comments should in no way be so ferocious that it could hurt the feelings of others… We don’t know what one might be going through so please y’all, take it easy with the statements… no too much harsh words…

That being said, we will waste no time in announcing our dearest fan of the month who is none other than the outspokenBOBBY DESMOND


Now Bobby has many a time, been one to crack jokes with his comments and bring out the positivity out of any negativity – which is one thing we truly like about the gentleman…

He has also made some friends as a result of his outspoken self – these friends of course, are ever ready to hear his opinion on whatever story and so they waste no time in tagging him when there’s a new juicy news…

We got to chat with Bobby and he has this to say about himself…

His full name is Bobby Desmond Idiogbe, hails from edo state and resides in abuja. Born on the 7th of July, (which makes his astrological star sign, CANCER), Bobby engages in drumming, outdoor catering, event planning and he’s even a master of ceremony (MC) Talk about being a master of all trades eh?!.


He’s a student of the Federal University of Technology Minna F.U.T. Minna, where he studies computer science.

When we asked how he came across the blog, he said:

I knew yabaleft since November 2014, after my elder brother @Collins_Bobby retweeted your review of M.I Abaga’s album THE CHAIRMAN on twitter, the review was wow, so i added to my bookmark

… and what he doesn’t like about the blog, he says… ⁠⁠⁠The thing i dont like about your site is that you dont give football update


He said:

I visit yabaleft almost everytime i am surfing the net, because its one of my favourite entertainment website for now.

Known for his sense of humour, we asked Bobby what the craziest thing he has ever done is and he said:

The craziest thing i have ever done is going to the bank with an opener because i want to open an account.


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You can reach Bobby on these social media platforms:

Facebook username: Bobby Desmond
Twitter handle : @Bobby_xparkle



  1. Bobby desmond is the nigger donald trump,he talks and behaves like trump,his comment are like razor blade cut,he can paint somebody so black that even his mum can’t recognise him, he should be hollywood acting as a gangster

  2. Good day everyone.
    I just wana take a couple of time out to say
    a very big thank you to the management of fot their
    recognition, and most especially ALL OF YOU
    that has supported me in one way or the
    other,i call yhu all my family..
    Ur response,likes and replies is one tin dt
    has inspired me to stay positive like a laugh endlessly to my dry
    jokes,hit the like button,and point out ideas i
    skipd or probably didnt know.
    I pledge today that for as long as i am
    here,there aint gone be a dull moment
    around,as am qone do my best to keep keep
    inspirinq and entertaininq all ya’all..
    I will never let yu guys down i promise!!!..
    And for as many of yhu dat are shukinq ur eyes in d money dey gave me,keep shukin oh bcos right now we are walkinq down to Okoko to give d money to CHARITY,if we no meet ha for house we go give her younger sister CHIAMAKA,dat one dy always dey house steady…after dat qo home and eat in ur dreams,wake up drink a glass of water and stay healthy,NO REFRESHMENT for now!!!

    Lol before i forget lemme give a special shoutout to my yabaleft family members,trust me u guys are amasing…
    Startinq from my
    one and only:
    *Victoria Ejim* MOM
    *Chammytresh* SISTER
    *Peace Anthony* SISTER
    *Nnamdi Youngs* UNCLE
    *Felistar* AUNTY
    *Lawrence Esther* IN-LAW
    *Mohamed M.J* LANDLORD
    *Ehiz Drizzy* CARE TAKER
    *Ella Uc* NEIGHBOUR
    *Anie Edet* NEIGHBOUR

    meehn the names are just too much walahi lol…Sorry i cant call all the names its a very long list, and for as many of you that i didnt mention (My Distant relatives),i say a big thank u,dont worry we will ,meet in the next family meeting!!!

    Much love from
    Bobby Desmond Idiogbe
    *cheeers* Victoria Ejim Muhammad Muhammad J Chammytresh Anthony Lawrence Esther Peace Anthony Nnamdi Young Erengs Mhiz Felicita Sweedy Annabel Blessed Imoh Itz Felistar Chy Ella UC Ike

  3. Collins Paul, Taiwo Arinola, Chizoba Emenike, Junior Stephen, Erima Godwin, Lamilakan Goldenson Alaga, Täÿlörd Eüġënë Krüż, Daniel King’Ar, Questra Nhii Ashon, Osazuwa Sunny, Ky Ezege, Emmanuel David, Panda Boss, Itz Quin Juddy, Emi George, Itz Umar Farouq Abdullahi, Anita Walison, Ochada Jnr, Akinbulu Temitope Zainab, Josimar Karam Kurah Waay up..

  4. Lolzz. I dey gbadun dis Bobby Desmond like seriously. Who u dey marry in my house oo??? Talk am make everybody bear witness o. Abi u don dey see one of my daughter for back? I like u to b my IN-LAW but u r just to old for my daughters r just 10 and 8 n u r now close to 40. But i can stl consider dat money dat yabaleft give to u. It wl help in my daughter beauty


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