A Twitter user identified as @drpenking has spilled more damning details about the popular Facebook influencer, Ovaioza, who was arrested for allegedly defrauding unsuspecting Nigerians.

The doctor, who labelled Ovaioza as a verified Yahoo girl on Twitter, stated that she was on her way to move to the United States of America, where she had already purchased many properties, when she was arrested.

He said that the self-styled agropreneur, who scammed Nigerians to the tune of N3 billion, ran a storage business as a front and convinced her victims to invest to get returns.


Ovaioza is a verified Facebook influencer with over 140 000 followers and has scammed her followers to the tune of 3 billion Naira. She bought multiple houses including one in USA. She was on her way to relocate when she was arrested.

Ovaioza runs a storage business as a front. People were asked to invest to get returns. She would send you documents to sign with a strict warning that you should only send money after signing the documents all to sound legit. After investing, you’d be called her “partner”. He tweeted.

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