A German woman who is married to a Nigerian man has applauded herself after she prepared Ofe Akwu (palm nut soup) for the first time.

The woman, who identifies herself as “Baby Oku Germany”, took to Facebook on Thursday, October 6, to share photos of the soup she made for her Enugu-born husband.

She noted that her husband was awestruck when he came home to the delicious Ofe Akwu she had prepared.

“Today me chief Baby oku was in high spirtit as iIdey cry for my favorite place in this World 042 ngwo enugu state naija , Igbo Land, I still dey for my remeberance … so i rush buy everything to carry myself back to village …. the result was ofe akwu.

“My oga nearly died as He came home and saw the Pot. I know say as oyibo me I try weller. Nwanji ocha done commot from my body since oooh! From today make una no call me oyibo again. My ofe akwu was tasting unexpected delicious. Is my first time preparing it.” She wrote on Facebook.

In other news, a Ghanaian man has warmed the hearts of many social media users after he rewarded his wife for sticking with him.

In a trending video, the man identified as Nicholas showered his woman with love and treated her to a special treat to appreciate her loyalty.

The romantic husband first took his wife to a hair shop to buy new luxury wigs for his wife to add to her collection of wigs.

After leaving the wig shop, the next stop was a beach-front relaxation stop. They also visited a number of pricey restaurants where he and his wife dined before retiring for the night.

In the video, Nicholas shared on TikTok, he showed off the bank alert on his phone, and it showed that he spent almost GHC8,000 (approximately N342k) on his wife in one night for being a devout wife.

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