Nons Miraj reveals

Instagram comedian and actress, Nons Miraj popularly known as Ada Jesus, has revealed the reason she ditched Nollywood for skit-making.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, Nons Miraj said she earns more money from skit-making and possesses more creative freedom than when she was acting in movies.

According to her, she used to be paid as low as N30,000 per movie and would spend days on set whereas with content creation, she has freedom to do as she pleases and dictate her price.

Nons Miraj reveals

“Content creation has changed my life in a very big way. I remember when I used to act in Nollywood films, I would be paid as little as N30,000, and they would keep me on set for one week. Sometimes, one would get stressed. They won’t even give one preferential treatment. But, with skits, one does things on one’s accord.

One is not working under anybody. One dictates the amount one wants to be paid based on the services one is rendering to the people that are paying for adverts. The life is just soft and sweet. Content creation is beautiful, as long as one is doing the right thing.”

Nons Miraj reveals

She further stated that she would never act nude for a comedy skit regardless of the amount she’s offered.

“I cannot go nude in a skit because things on social media will always backfire. People feel that Nollywood is different from skit making. When they see one do things in films, they could say one was following the instruction of the director or producer. But for skits, the buck stops on one’s table as the owner of the page.

If the story is bad, one would be blamed. If the acting is bad, one would be blamed as well. I would never go nude in a skit because social media never forgets. There are other jobs that can pay me enough money without me exposing my body,” Nons added.

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