Panic in UNIABUJA hostel

There was pandemonium in a female hostel at the University of Abuja recently after a student tried to burn down the entire hostel.

It was gathered that the student intentionally set her mattress on fire inside her room and watched as the fire spread to the entire room.

A video shared online shows the moment the room was up in flames, and her colleagues watched in disbelief.

Panic in UNIABUJA hostel

The student was also seen brandishing a knife to presumably scare people away and prevent them from tackling the fire.

However, when the fire started burning uncontrollably with thick black smoke coming out of the room, her fellow students were forced to intervene before it got out of hand.

While some students wrestled the culprit to the ground, others swung into action and put out the fire.

The management of the university are yet to comment on the bizarre incident.

Watch a video of the incident below,

In other news, a young man and his sister have been banished from their community in Lude, Mbaise, Imo state, for allegedly committing incest.

A video shared online shows community members leading the disgraced siblings out of the community with what little properties they owned.

According to the narration from the video, “The young man took his sister as a wife.”

They were asked to go wherever they want to but must not return to Lude under any circumstance.

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