Controversial On-Air-Personality and leader of Free the Sheeple Movement, Daddy Freeze has described the decision by Pastor Enoch Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to anoint combs while praying for his congregation, as “sorcery”

In a video of a 2015 RCCG programme Daddy Freeze shared, the revered man of God could be seen lifting up a comb as he led the congregation in prayers.

Pastor Adeboye had told his congregation to come to the program with their combs, which he later prayed on them. He then instructed the congregants not to loose the comb. He said they should make sure if they’re going for any interview or visa application, the comb he prayed on is what they should use.

Commenting on the practice, the controversial Daddy Freeze said,

“First he asked his congregation to pray to a rod he lifted up, now this comb? Isn’t this sorcery? Or how do you explain this? Using a comb when you need a visa?😳

“Singapore is 5 years younger than Nigeria, yet they don’t need combs for visas because their passport is the strongest in the world. When are we even going to get sense in this country?

“In my opinion, Adeboye needs Jesus.”



  1. This man called daddy freexe, it’s a noise maker and a blind man that want recognition all over the world. His digging his own grave and the grave of his generation to come, I so much pity all his family because when God start fighting, he will not be only the one to suffer for it, his children, grand-children, and unborn generation will a partaker of the sufferness. If he understands the Bible very well, he will know that this is a prophetic act that is above human imagination. I don’t think the so called daddy freeze has a family, I believe he has, he would have being corrected.

  2. Daddy Freeze, given the congregation a spiritual instruction should not give you right to accused Men of GOD. Be careful to avoid GOD’S punishment. Thanks


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