Three girls have been saved from death after an evil pastor chained and locked them in a room for weeks to die.

They were rescued by an off duty constable, Mantwa Kekana (49) from Chiawelo, Soweto, Gauteng who revealed that the teens told a story of hunger and fear, and how they had escaped eventually ending up at the cop’s house.

Almost shedding tears, Mantwa said she was still in her pyjamas on Friday morning when she heard a knock at the door.

“I was greeted by three children aged between 14 and 15. They were crying and tired,” said the cop from Moroka Police Station.

“They couldn’t talk and they were shaking. I took them into the house.”

According to The DailySun ZA, Mantwa, who is known to one of the children, said she gave them a hot bath before feeding them.

“The three girls said they met at the church in Lenasia after they had been taken there by their parents. They had been there for about a month,” said Mantwa.

“The girls said they were given baked beans once a day, only at night, and they were always hungry.”

The children told police that the pastor chained them up and kept them in one room.

They also revealed that it was their parents that brought them to the church before leaving them there.

“We only went out on Sunday to go to church,” said one of the girls.

Very often they did not get food. They were given a sour liquid which gave them stomach aches. The children said they were taken to the church, a series of shacks with one central shack, at night.

“When the pastor starts praying, people fall down and speak in tongues. They sprinkle water around the church,” the girl said.

“It was very scary on the church premises.”

The kids said they escaped when one of the church members forgot to lock the door. They went outside and jumped the fence.

“We left other people there who were afraid to escape with us,” said the girl.

The kids said they believe they are being tracked.

“Wherever we are the pastor knows, and I am afraid he will track me down,” she said.

Police spokesman Captain Mpande Khoza said since there has been no official comment by the police station, they can’t comment.

Police took the children to their families.

“The parents of the teenagers must come to the police station to open cases on behalf of the children,” he said.

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