Daddy Freeze has taken a big swipe at Pastor Chris Oyakhilome over his recent comment of the federal government having a secret plan for 5G.

Recall that the founder of Loveworld Ministries a.k.a Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris had alleged that the Federal government placed a lockdown in Lagos and Abuja to install the controversial 5G network. He said this while preaching in his church on Sunday April 5.

He opined that what has killed so many people in Wuhan, China is not Coronavirus as has been reported but rather it is the 5G network installed there. He challenged anyone with a different opinion to come forward.

Daddy Freeze who reacted to Pastor Chris’ comment, stated that it is rooted deeply in illusory correlation, attitude polarization and belief perseverance. He added that Christ Embassy founder’s recent teachings is dangerous.

He said;

“I am disappointed in Chris Oyakhilome. How can the Federal Government has secret 5G plan? What on earth is this? How can he get away with saying such things? The deaths in Wuhan were caused by 5G not Corona virus? Like WTF?

“According to him, the federal government needed to lockdown Lagos and Abuja to install 5G? Really? Like the government needs anyone’s approval to install anything.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is rooted deeply in illusory correlation, attitude polarization and belief perseverance, making teachings like these dangerous.

“How I wish I can ‘unhear’ this, I can’t believe I just wasted a part of the few daylight hours at my disposal listening to such.”



  1. Pastor Chris’s contribution was disappointing and shocking. Someone rightly suggested that our religious leaders imbibe the attitude of sticking strictly to the area of expertise;the scriptures. I was embarrassed that a pastor with millions of followers could spew such level of idiocy on matter,he literalluly knows nothing about,with a strong conviction. 5G cannot being behind COViD 19,lacks basis in common sense and science put together.

  2. Daddy shut up there. Don’t confuse people, NWO is real. This is the New World Order they have been talking about both on internet and the books. Everything Chris Oyakhilome said issa fact. Honestly bros you are the one I am disappointed with. Please shat up ya mouth.

  3. Chris never mentioned federal government in particular, the groups chris is talking about are bigger than federal government or any Continent on this earth bro. Don’t come and start bringing confusion to people who really don’t know what the new world order is. Please anyone should YouTube/Google the word “New World Order” then learn and don’t let this Bros change topic wey dey ground … #nwo is real.. Get ready for the #5thGeneration #5G

  4. Daddy (Boy) freeze comot body you be idiot… if I begin to explain how foolish you are it will be that I’ve wasted hours of nights at my disposal explaining how dumb you are.

  5. Freeze should be eating his ignorance words by now. I hope he is watching the news and see what is going on. Get corona virus vaccine in your body and get activated to the 5G World. If you refuse to take the vaccine then you are not ready to enjoy the New world starting from 2021-2118 in which none of us will be here to talking how 2020 pandemic be. Very soon everybody will soon be aware of what is going on. 2020 is the last year of #OG #OldGeneration There is a lot behind this #pandemic A lot will happen both good and bad. Brace yourself for oncoming… #NWO IS REAL!!! Don’t be fooled please


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