A pastor in Mozambique has passed away after trying to fast for 40 days and nights like Jesus Christ.

The founder of the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church in the central province of Manica, Francisco Barajah, could not stand, walk, or bathe by the end of the 40-day fast.

He sadly gave up the ghost at a hospital in the city of Beira on Wednesday, February 12.

Local news reported that Barajah refused to take water and food during the fast, which stirred concern from his friends and relatives.

Pastor dies

One neighbour of the deceased said he took ill on the 25th day of his fast, and the sickness became worse on the 38th day.

After noticing how much Barajah’s health had deteriorated, they had to intervene and rush him to the hospital.

The pastor, who also worked as a French school teacher, was diagnosed with severe anemia, internal organ damage, and was unable to digest food.

Doctors reportedly tried to rehydrate and nourish his feeble body with liquid foods, but to no avail. He unfortunately died in the hospital.

In other news, a single mother of one has taken to social media to express regret over her estranged partner, with whom she has a child.

In a video posted on her TikTok page, the woman stated that she owes her daughter numerous apologies for the type of father she gave her.

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