Pastor Paul Oyewole, an Ondo-based pastor, has been charged with faking his own death in order to escape repaying N3 million borrowed from a member of his congregation.

Oyewole was said to have falsely published and posted his obituary on a social media platform after he sent a fake bank alert to his creditor, Boyede Emmanuel.

He was charged with acquiring money falsely while promising to repay it within seven days.

He was also accused of falsely publishing and posting his obituary on WhatsApp after sending a bogus notice to an account, although knowing full well that he did not have such a sum in his bank account.

Oyewole was accused of threatening the complainant over the phone with the purpose to intimidate him and acting in a way that was likely to provoke a breach of the peace by stripping nude in front of the complainant’s residence.

Oyewole, on the other hand, pled not guilty to the accusations brought against him.

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