Controversial On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has revealed that since he started the ‘Free The Sheeple‘ movement and his campaign against paying tithes, ‘They‘ (referring to pastors) have fought him on every realm.

According to him, ‘they went as far as trying to get me sacked from work so I can be without much of a ‘crown’ and ‘frozen’.

See his full post below,

“From my experience with these people who stop at nothing if you dare speak out against the lies many of them are telling, you are in for a lot.

They fought me on every realm, I lost every business client, I used to MC a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 events monthly and I used to charge more than a million Naira per event. I haven’t MCed in 2 years.

They went as far as trying to get me sacked from work so I can be without much of a ‘crown’ and ‘frozen’.

All I do now is teach the Bible from home online and in my weakness his great strength prevails. My egbon, I pray that the river of truth that is flowing from your mouth, NEVER ceases and in the weakness of whatever persecution may come, God’s strength in you will prevail!


  1. Freezeyes Freezing, frozen!

    The Pastors didn’t fight you o, your mouth killed you.

    You don’t go fighting men of God and their God will not take you on.

    You used your mouth as the devil’s megaphone to attack God as opposed to His servants. The God of their Call Who you took on in your darkened understanding and warped imagination is the One wacking you big time.

    You will do yourself a lot of good if you will ask for His forgiveness and that of His servants too before His full hands of judgement gets you fully knocked out.

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