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In the last 72 hours, the biggest gist flying around on social media is that of one of the popular Psquare brothers, Paul Okoye. The gist has it that his wife, Anita has filed for a divorce 7 years after their marriage. It was in the early hours of Friday, August 20, 2021, that the news of Anita Okoye’s divorce from music star, Paul Okoye hit the internet. When the document surfaced online, Rudeboys reaction he was not interested in talking about the matter and hung up. He said, “You people should stop calling me about this shit.” Also, messages sent to Anita on social media were also unanswered as of the time of going to press.

Rumours of the split between Paul and Anita first gained prominence in April when Anita relocated to the United States with their children, all in the name of going to further her education.

What could have led to this sudden divorce in just 7 years after they got married? The mother of 3 said in the Petition that their relationship went cold and all attempts to savour what was left of it, was met with stiff resistance. She also said the music star ceased all forms of communication with her. Anita who tied the knot with Paul in 2014 asked an Abuja High Court to dissolve their 7-year-old marriage in the divorce document.

According to the document, there were 5 reasons why the centre could no longer hold between the duo. She noted they no longer share a conjugal relationship as husband and wife.

According to Anita in the petition, Paul denied her any form of companionship and love which are the integral components of all successful marriages. She stated that there was a lack of spousal support that the music star shirked his responsibility as a husband by refusing to support and cater to her and her family members.

Another reason was that they no longer have communication as a couple. She stated that the marriage has broken down irretrievably because of a lack of love and compatibility. Anita who was the music star’s university sweetheart said another reason she wants their marriage dissolved is over irreconcilable differences. The mother of 3 also said in the petition that their relationship went cold and all attempts to savour what was left of it, was met with stiff resistance. She also said the music star ceased all forms of communication with her.

Last November, no one suspected anything wrong when Paul Okoye celebrated Anita, as she clocked 32.

Despite all this goings-on, Counsel to Paul Okoye, Barrister Somadina Eugene Okorie of Senocean Law Practice, was reported to have said he is yet to receive a brief on the alleged divorce filed by Anita.”I don’t think this subject is worth breaking a sweat on since as I talk with you, I’m yet to receive a brief touching on the news already in circulation. If the story is real, I would have been briefed by now and this is devoid of sentiments,” he was quoted as saying.

The duo has been together for 17 years, dated for 10 years and later solemnised used their relationship 7 years ago. We gathered that not until there was a lot of pressure on Paul before he decided to walk Anita to the aisle. In fact, some pointed his settling down in marriage to Anita was because his twin, had settled down in marriage and also Anita was his baby mama.

Theirs was a love story that wanted to be heard by everyone and their marriage was envied by many as they vowed till death do them apart. They lived their life as if there were no cracks but fingers were pointed to Anita as the one who has really kept all under the carpet pretending that all was well after all. In fact, there was a point that she was dragged on the Internet for the habit of buying things to make herself happy since all had not been well with her marriage.

Paul Okoye, on Saturday 22 March 2014, (7 years ago), got married to his long time sweetheart, friend and baby mama Anita Isama. The elaborate ceremony was witnessed by family friends and relatives where many Nigerian entertainers, politicians and celebrities attended. In one of Paul’s interviews during the wedding, he noted how long they have been together.

“We have been married since. It’s just now that we want to make it official. We have known each other for 10 years. That was when I was in my final year. She was a Jambite then. I’m glad that we are finally doing this. She gave me a lovely boy, who is everything for me. I’m happy that I am finally settling down,” Paul revealed during their pre-wedding shoot at Raddison Blu, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Post-wedding, Paul and his beautiful wife Anita were living their dream, though they were already parents to one child before they made things official, the couple has since been blessed with a set of twins who came to complete their world a few years after their wedding. The Okoyes are just the epitome of a happy and fulfilled home with their children whom they never miss the opportunity to flaunt on social media. The proud parents even opened an Instagram account for the twins where they share info about the two cuties with fans and the general public. Paul Okoye was already a final year student of the University of Abuja Nigeria in 2004 when Anita Isama was admitted into the school as a freshman. Anita just gained admission into the institution’s law department and from what is obvious, Paul Okoye’s love interest is an early bloomer in academics, being only 16 years at the time. Paul, on the other hand, was already 23 and in his final year as a business administration student. Despite the age gap between them, their love still blossomed with time.

According to the musician, he was supposed to meet up with a certain girl on campus whom he had a crush on but when Paul eventually put a call through to the girl, she wasn’t at home and invited him over to a friend’s place and on getting there, he met Anita for the first time. Paul said he somehow managed to collect Anita’s mobile number and from then onward, everything changed for him.

In an interview, he revealed how he had to travel down to Lagos the following day, and while there, he constantly pestered Anita with calls throughout. Upon his return to Abuja, Paul visited his love interest but wasn’t allowed into the house. They later hit it off and became friends and two years down the line, the friendship developed into love, thus, the duo started dating. Paul said the first Valentine gift he ever gave Anita was a home video starring Genevieve Nnaji as his babe is a big fan of the movie star.

When asked what attracted her to the singer, Anita said she was completely blown away by Paul Okoye’s kindness, humility, and genuine character. She described Paul as being very funny and had no airs and graces to his person; a remarkably humble, compassionate, and reserved guy.

On his own part, Paul said he has always been keen on light-skinned girls and besides that, his desire has always been to have an intelligent woman to compliment him. The singer described his wife as a very proactive lady with the ability to produce incredible results from just simple ideas.

The lovebirds didn’t appear to be very keen about tying the matrimonial knot until the arrival of their first child Andre who came to cement their love. Andre was born on the 11th of April 2013 in a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Perhaps, his birth was what prompted Paul to finally pop the big question to his then baby mama.

When asked whether he dated other girls before proposing to his wife, Paul answered that Anita is the only woman he has ever loved, calling her his partner and an important part of his life. Anita, on her own part, described Paul as the love of her life, saying she knows him more than he knows himself and the same goes for the singer. After their traditional marriage in Port Harcourt, the couple didn’t legalize their union immediately. They waited until January 2015 to make it legal at the Ikoyi Registry Lagos. The occasion was low-key, attended by family and friends.

Paul and his wife Anita are blessed with 3 children, their first child Andre later became a brother to a set of twins Nadia and Nathan. As earlier mentioned, they were still dating when Andre was born in Atlanta Georgia on the 11th of April 2013. In fact, it is believed that the birth of their son was the catalyst that quickened their wedding procedures. The little boy was barely one year old when his parents had their traditional wedding in Port Harcourt.

Going by the photos his parents shared on Instagram, it is obvious that both Paul Okoye and Anita dote on their little boy and give him the best that life has to offer. However, the one thing they couldn’t give little Andre for a while was siblings. Thus, Andre remained their only child for the ensuing four years.

2017 was a memorable year for the Okoyes as that was when their small family circle expanded with the birth of their twins Nadia and Nathan. The duo announced its entrance on the 9th of July 2017. Just like Andre, the twins were born abroad but soon came home to Nigeria.

Having met as students at the University of Abuja in 2004, it goes without saying that the couple has known each other for all of sixteen years. They became an item after two years of friendship – in 2006 and continued like that until their son Nathan was born seven years later, in 2013. Their official engagement, traditional, and court wedding followed in 2013, 2014, and 2015 respectively, and today, all what they hold dear is slipping away as divorce is on the table.

The couple also has their differences, but according to Paul Okoye, he is always the first to apologize whether wrong or right. Rudeboy said he isn’t one to keep malice and tries to avoid too much talk by exiting from the scene of a heated argument. He comes back to talk things over after the emotions are no longer at zenith level. In her answer, Anita said they eventually laugh things off but she always tries to push in some valid points, being a lawyer.

Anita is from the same tribe as him. Paul Okoye (39) is 7 years older than his wife, Anita (32). She is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. Anita Okoye has a degree in Law from the University of Abuja and a Master’s Degree in Oil and Gas from the University of Dundee, Scotland. Anita has worked as a strategic business developer in the oil and gas industry for eight years before she became an entrepreneur.

She is the co-founder of Little Luxe, a kids-based lifestyle furniture company. She also owns a children’s apparel company called Tannkco located in Lekki, Lagos but offering worldwide delivery. Anita Okoye wrote the book, The ABCs of Africa which launched at The Cashew Apple Project. The goal of the project is to uncover hidden jewels of Africa.

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