Nigerian lawyer tells

A Nigerian lawyer identified as Ebikebuna Aluzu has asserted that any man who pays the bride price of a woman he didn’t deflower has admitted that he is inferior.

According to him, these kinds of men have seemingly agreed that they lack options and can only secure a woman that others have slept with for free.

Taking to Facebook, Aluzu, who addressed men as ‘kings’, maintained that men who willingly marry a non-virgin woman are inferior to men who slept with her before him.

Nigerian lawyer tells

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“Dear Kings, The moment you find yourself paying bride price or getting married to a woman you didn’t disvirgin, that is an admission of inferiority,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday.

Inferiority to other men who had her before you.

You’re literally paying for what those other men got for free. And denying this is just a coping mechanism

When you marry such a woman, you’re accepting that you’re such an optionless man whose only chance at mating and reproducing is by paying for what others got for free.

What exactly are you paying for that the other men didn’t see fit to pay for?

There’s no amount of rationalization that can dispute that fact.

Surely enough, you’ll convince yourself “there’s more to a wife than just hymen”.

Well she still offered those other qualities to those other men for free – she cooked, cleaned, respected, supported them at some point even gave them better styles because she was younger than she’s giving you.

You can deny it all you want, but the harsh reality is you’re a defeated man who settled for other men’s leftovers.

It was just your turn, don’t make her your own.”

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